Welcome to Villa Sabrina

Villa Sabrina , once known as Villa Perrone,
is a period residence dating back to 1866,
now fully restored and converted into a prestigious and charming villa.
It is equipped with all the amenities,
ensuring an elegant and exclusive stay.
Strategically located at Capo di Sorrento Villa Sabrina
enjoys a beautiful view of the Gulf of Naples,
the Mount Vesuvius, as well as Ischia and Procida Islands.
Surrounded by about two acres of park and garden
it is perfect for a pleasant holiday
in complete serenity and privacy.

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Villa Sabrina Sorrento
  • Atmosphere

    The Suites are very comfortable and offer some of the most stunning sea views.

  • Italian Elegance

    In some of the rooms, located in the central part of the villa, one can admire exquisite frescoes on the vaulted ceilings, depicting the episodes of the Homer's Odyssey related to the voyage of Ulysses made along the Sorrento Peninsula.

  • Esclusiva

    Our villa may be rented on exclusive weekly basis for longer stays, weddings and special events.

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